School Advisory Board

The 2019-20 School Advisory Board is taking shape! Its membership is comprised of: ex-officio members, members appointed by Fr. Brian, and members elected by the parish and school communities--the election will take place the weekend of July 13-14, 2019.

Below are the names of those people who are either on the Board or are up for election to the Board. In parentheses, you will see a note on the background of what each person will bring to the Board.

In order for the Board to remain at a functional size, the election is being held to keep the number at 11 (not including the two ex-officio members). Those up for election are grouped according to the background they will bring to the Board. Those not elected to the Board will, nonetheless, have the opportunity to serve on one or more of the subcommittees of the Board if they choose to.

Ex-Officio Members
Parish Administrator (School Rector)
Principal (Executive Director)

Appointed Members
Mary Jane Klister (Education)
Karla Voss (Parishioner At Large)
Lisa Kohlman (Past Parent)
Michelle Jaeger (Operations)

Members for Election
You Can Choose 3 With A Background in Education
Mike Besel (Education)
Kari Besel (Education)
Melissa Wiese (Education)
Stephanie Van Zeeland (Education)

You Can Choose 2 With A Background in Business Administration
Brian Day (Business Admin)
Kristin Mayer (Business Admin)
Meghan Smits (Business/HR)

You Can Choose 2 Present Parents
Holly Brick (Parent)
Brooke Van De Hey (Parent)
Devon Coenen (Parent)

The deadline to be on the July 13-14 ballot is Monday, July 8th, 9:00pm.  Please contact Fr. Brian ( if you are interested in serving on the Board, and please briefly describe what background or expertise you would bring to the Board.  Thank you!