Good News for Fall 2020

The Fall of 2020:
The plan of St. Clare Catholic School
is to be back in school --
all students, every day, all day!

The only foreseeable reason we will not be in school full-time is if
schools, daycares, and businesses are under another “Safer-at-Home” Order.

The Diocese suggested that principals prepare 3 plans:

1. Back-to-Normal Schedule
-- up to 20 students in a classroom with one teacher (and sometimes an aide)
-- eating lunch in the cafeteria
-- moving to different classrooms for specials
-- new safety measures in place (cleaning / disinfecting, taking temps, etc.)
*This is what we hope and pray to have, but it doesn’t sound likely as of this minute.

2. Schedule with Social-Distancing
-- @14 students in a room with a teacher or aide
-- adults switching rooms throughout the day, students staying put
-- eating lunch in the classrooms
-- limited specials
-- new safety measures in place (cleaning / disinfecting, taking temps, etc.)
*This seems like the most likely option.

3. Virtual-Education Schedule
-- students being provided distance-education at home
-- teachers recording lessons for students to view
-- teachers and students using Zoom to stay in touch
*This is in case there is a surge in COVID-19, and another “Safer-at-Home” Order is put in place. All schools, daycares, and businesses would be affected by this.

The Staff and the School Advisory Board have been working on schedules with me.
I will share them with you as they are finalized.

I just wanted you to know ASAP that our plan is
to have all students back to school all day, every day!!

School Choice
Pursuant to Wisconsin State Statute 115.28 (54m), our school is required to notify and provide the educational options available to all students who are at least three years old, but not yet 18 years old. Please go to to see the educational options represented for Wisconsin students.

Christmas Concert 2019

Thank you Veterans!

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Julie Hubbard, Principal

Lea Vande Hey, Administrative Assistant

St. Clare Catholic School Mission Statement

The Mission of St. Clare Catholic School is a family of lifelong learners dedicated to the growth and development of each person by nurturing Catholic faith, talents, and stewardship.

St. Clare Catholic School Vision Statement

St. Clare School strives for the development of the whole child through: participation in the sacramental and prayer life of the Catholic Church, the fostering of Catholic ethics and social values, diligent respect for the dignity of the human person, and the offering of superior academic preparation. Students will be immersed within an engaging and challenging learning environment where all participants will be given the opportunity to succeed. St. Clare School welcomes all people as brothers and sisters in Christ regardless of race, economic status, ethnic origin, or beliefs through a safe and energized environment. St. Clare Catholic School teaches as Jesus taught, promoting the spiritual, intellectual, and human growth of the next generation of Catholic leaders to meet their full potential for a life of service to the Gospel in society.

St. Clare Parish Mission Statement

Love God, Love Others, Make Disciples.

Diocese of Green Bay Mission Statement

As friends and followers of Jesus, we are devoted to fostering households and communities of discipleship through the mission and ministry of the Catholic Church.

Diocese of Green Bay Department of Education Mission Statement

Instill a strong Catholic Identity through education, prayer, service and worship.

Diocese of Green Bay Department of Education Vision Statement

Catholic Schools will continue to welcome all students and are committed to a partnership with parents and guardians. Our schools will embrace the Gospel imperative of service to others. Students will be missionaries who are spreading the gospel and defending their faith. Graduates will be known for their excellent academic preparation through the standards, benchmarks and assessments set forth.