$10,000 Raffle


And the WINNERS are:

$250 Prize Winners –

Kay & Joe Vander Steen, Theresa Reynders, Lisa Kohlman, Terry & Jesse Hockers

$1,000 Prize Winners –

Lois Gremore/Travis & Devon Coenen, Kay Arndt, Kevin & Nicki Liebergen, Kurt & Vicki Lawrence, Bryan & Melinda Schommer

$10,000 Prize Winner –

Bob Van De Hey

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our winners!

Over the past fifteen years, our $10,000 raffle event has raised over $950,000 to assist with the education of our children.

Even though we can not hold our “normal” raffle event on May 1st, we hope to have a celebratory party in the near future.  If you have purchased a ticket please hold onto your stub, this will be your admittance into our future celebration.

We thank you for your continued support!  Stay safe and stay healthy.

$10,000 Raffle Committee