2019-2020 School Year

Greetings to you parents and benefactors of Saint Clare Catholic School! As we look ahead to the 2019-20 school year and consider how our mission can be fulfilled better, some needed changes have come to light. These changes will be implemented over the course of this Summer, in time for the new school year. These changes are directed toward three areas of school life: oversight, administration, communication, and action committees. The changes include: the institution of a new School Advisory Board, a new communications plan, and revamped approach to committees and their work. It's with much anticipation that we look forward to seeing these changes come to fruition!

Please contact Fr. Brian with any questions regarding these changes. He is more than happy to talk! bwideman@stclareagw.org or (920)864-2550

A. School Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is meant to serve as an oversight body to which teachers and administration are accountable (to a certain degree). There are six primary functions of this new Advisory Board:

1- Help direct the mission, vision and core values of St. Clare School, in cooperation with Father Brian and the principal, and in line with Catholic identity.

2- Engage in an ongoing, rolling three-year strategic plan. This includes both short- and long-term goals.

3- Set policies in order to communicate education ideals. The Board does not implement these policies, but holds administration accountable to these ideals and policies.

4- Assist in hiring and evaluating staff at the school, in cooperation with Fr. Brian.

5- Preparing an annual budget to finance educational goals. The Board submits this budget to the Parish Finance Council for review and approval.

6- Instill confidence in the wider community of the educational mission and activities of St. Clare School. This task includes communications and public relations in cooperation with Fr. Brian

The membership of the Advisory Board will be a blend of appointments (made by Fr. Brian) and persons elected by the St. Clare community.

School Board membership will be comprised of individuals who bring these skills, backgrounds, or qualifications to the group:
- Education (outside of St. Clare teaching staff)
- Education (teaching staff of St. Clare)
- Marketing and Public Relations
- Business and Finance
- Fundraising
- Current Parents (2)
- Past and/or Future Parents (2)
- At-large members of St. Clare (2)
- Principal (non-voting)
- Fr. Brian (non-voting, but possessing final say on all activities of the Board)

B. Revamped Communications Plan

How and when information is presented to parents, parish, and staff will be adjusted for the 2019-20 school year. While the details of the new plan are currently under discussion, we can say that the aim of the new plan is threefold: to reiterate information as often as necessary, to diversify the methods of communication, and to present information as straightforwardly as possible. By August, this new communications plan will be in place.

C. New Action Committees

These committees will be not be involved in the day-to-day operations of the school but, rather, in those concrete activities which support and grow the school. Parent involvement in this committees will be vital to their success, so please consider volunteering your skills and passions! While subject to change, these committees, at present, are planned to be:

- Marketing/Recruitment/Communications
- Home and School (refocused on parent-teacher collaboration)
- Fundraising
- Finance Committee (distinct from Finance Council, focused on school budget)
- Facilities Management
- Catholic Identity (an annual evaluation by—possibly—persons outside of the St. Clare Parish-School community)